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Canasta is a strategy game

And an interesting challenge!

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Canasta offers an interesting challenge for anyone who likes to play card games.

Canasta is one of the best known games in the world and belongs in the Rummy family.   Canasta is the Spanish word for Basket and the card game evolved in Uruguay and Argentina in the mid 1940’s.   It became the most popular card game in America from 1948 and in Britain in the years 1950 to 1952.

The game has the advantage that it is enjoyable when played with two to six players, although it is classically played with four.   The game shares the same objectives as all Rummy games – to meld your cards into groups of three or more cards of the same rank, but in Canasta sequences are not allowed.   In addition, the major points are awarded to achieving groups of 7 or more cards in a meld (called a Canasta).

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